RSAF ME Shelters Elderly Man Waiting For Cab In The Rain

A kind soldier was seen sheltering an elderly man, who was waiting for a taxi, from the pouring rain on Monday morning.

In a heart-warming photo captured by a photojournalist from Shin Min Daily News, Mr Christopher Ang, a military expert with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), is seen holding an umbrella while he stands next to the elderly man in Bedok North.

According to the evening daily, Mr Pargan Singh, 78, was waiting for a taxi to take him to Changi General Hospital for a medical appointment when he was caught in the downpour.

The retiree suffered a stroke 15 years ago which impaired his movement and affected his speech.

In an interview with Shin Min, Mr Pargan said that his wife and children had left for work earlier and his maid had to stay home to care for his 92-year-old father. It was only drizzling when he left the house, so he did not bring an umbrella. But it started to pour as he waited for a taxi.

Mr Ang had approached Mr Pargan with an umbrella and waited with him for about 20 minutes before he managed to hail a taxi. After Mr Pargan boarded the cab, Mr Ang headed towards his own vehicle at a nearby carpark.

The photograph of the two men, which was posted on Shin Min’s Facebook page on Monday, has garnered nearly 1,500 likes, with many netizens praising the young man for his kindness.

In a post on Facebook on Tuesday, the RSAF also saluted the soldier for his act of kindness.



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