Lazy Malaysian Customs Officer Bullies Singaporean Malay Family

Hi, guys! Please beware of this Malaysian officer!

My husband was driving us back from supper through JB checkpoint towards Woodlands at about 2am and just our luck, we happened to drive through to his lane.He actually sleeping…(Can sleep eh during working hours???) but we also understand maybe he tired coz doing night shift.

As usual, we passed the passports to him, 2 with passport covers with elastic bands and two without. A few seconds later, he passed the passports back and asked us to untangle those bands after he messed all four passports together. So yeah, we untangled it. And then after looking through the passports, he threw it back AGAIN and asked the passport covers to be removed And FYI, there is no nicer way to say but he has the most hostile and malicious face with such an unwelcoming vibe.

So I was already annoyed and he called my name for verification. I looked at him as an acknowledgement and looked away fiddling with the elastic bands. And jeng jeng jeng.. He said, “When I call your name, you look at me. Understand?” With that face which I was already imagining smacking on the wall countlessly and with such a sarcastic and disrespectful tone!

While I was halfway boiling, my brother tried to soother things down and apologised. And this officer stood up and said, “Fine. If you’re not happy with me, I’ll speak to my supervisor”. And we were all caught off-guard.

So my husband and brother went to the office, trying to cool the matter and he questioned my brother, “Do you even know who I am? Do you know who you’re speaking to?” I TELL YOU, HE GOT BALLS, MAN! So apparently, he was complaining to his supervisor that I was being uncooperative bla bla blah.

My husband told him our side of the story before the supervisor told the officer to leave. And HE WAS SMILING AWAY I was so infuriated that I stood right in front of the officer and questioned why is he being dismissed without even bother to apologize to me! This officer just chuckled and laughing away, walking out and I swear I could have knocked all of his front teeth! YES, I WAS THAT ANGRYYY. So my husband tried to calm me down, knowing there is really no use fighting over such a corrupted situation/personnels.

And we should all thank ourselves and our ancestors that we are no longer merged with such a corrupted

He wants to act as if he’s some bloody Anak Datok, come I give you free publicity.

I-Da Zainuddin
A.S.S. Reader


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