Reflect On The Death Of Our Own Singaporean In Bangkok, Violence Must Be Condemned And Delegitimised


A Singaporean Ms Melisa Liu Rui Chun just lost a life in a terror attack in Bangkok and here we are carrying on with life as per normal. No one-minute silence, no mark of respect. Very little reflection. The government will tell you that it is a good sign that the community can carry on depite such a tragedy but is there really no room to think about what happened?

Thai Police still have not identified the culprit and the motive. Whatever it is, this is a terror attack not just on Thailand, but also other countries whose citizens have been a victim of this attack. The perpetrator does not have be a bearded, AK-47 wielding mad man for this to be called a terror attack. This is someone using violence to force authorities to submit to them. Selfish people who only think about their self-interest.

Violence, for whatever reasons cannot be justified. If there is no rule of law and everyone who doesn’t get their way resort to violence to achieve their objectives, how iwll the world turn out?

What was supposed to be a happy occasion for her turned ot to be a nightmare for her friends and family. Within seconds, lives were changed. Lives were destroyed and may not recover even after years.

Even as we go on with our busy lives, let’s reflect about what happened. Reflect on why the Singaporean life is lost bcause of an act of senseless violence. Do not let her death be in vain.


Singapura Son

[Reader Contribution]

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