Is PAP Candidate Sun Xueling A New Citizen From China?

Is PAP candidate Sun Xue Ling a new citizen from China? This question has been hogging internet forums like Hardwarezone and Facebook for weeks and it appears Singaporeans are still not able to gather any “intel” from google to substantiate their claims.

Here are the facts about Sun Xue Ling:

1) Her original name was Sharene Soon Sher Rene, and she changed her name to Sun Xue Ling for unknown reasons. (Confirmed from a Straits Times Forum letter she submitted fifteen years ago on 15 July 2000)

2) Sun Xue Ling is only 36 year old and she is already the director of Singapore sovereign wealth fund company Temasek Holdings drawing at least S$25,000 a month excluding bonuses. If elected, her part-time MP job will add on another S$16,000 putting her the top 5% highest income earner in Singapore.

3) She joined PAP grassroots at the age of 22 years old at Buono Vista and Punggol West, which probably explains her meteoric rise to directorship in Temasek Holdings.

4) She reports to Ho Ching, the CEO of Temasek Holdings and also the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

5) She left for Hongkong in 2008 and only came back to Singapore in 2014, with only about a year of volunteer experience.

6) She is contesting in Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC, a sure-win for the ruling PAP party because their opposition opponent is Desmond Lim and his team.

7) Her husband is from People’s Republic of China and has only been a Singapore citizen for 6 years. Her new citizen husband does not serve National Service.

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook

Here is one unconfirmed detail about Sun Xue Ling:

1) She is ruthlessly competitive according to her peers from Econs in NUS between 1998-2001 (HWZ)

The States Times Review is not interested in rumors but simply establishing facts in this article. This being said, the greater question for Sun Xue Ling is that whether if her allegiance is to Singaporeans given that her background is highly questionable.
However from the facts we do know, it is a conflict of interest for Sun Xue Ling to be a member of Parliament because her employer has vested interests in legislating laws that will lock more money in CPF.

Singaporeans have every valid concerns to know who they are voting for and especially for candidates who might have vested interests in Singapore politics. Another good example is PAP MP Dr Janil Puthucheary who is a new citizen from Malaysia and has never served a day of National Service. It will be dangerous to have people with dubious background to take up Ministerial positions and formulate policies to serve their foreign interests.



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