Little Girl Shows Support For Wp’s Yee Jenn Jong With Painting

Something to light up the day.

Got this email with a painting of me by a young girl, courtesy of her uncle. The posture of me shooting arrows is from an earlier photo I had shared on FB from my archery practice. Hey, I give her an A+ for this!

Here’s the email, shared with permission:

“Hi Jenn Jong,

I am a resident of Hougang and my whole family supports your efforts in this coming election.

This is a gift of encouragement to you after Joo Chiat disappeared from the map. We were equally appalled.

This is done by my little niece in school as an arts project and I think she took about 2 weeks to complete it.

Although she got a C and was quite sad for about 2 days because of it, I told her there is nothing wrong with getting a C. She hopes you can see it on Facebook and that makes her happy. Thanks and all the best for the upcoming elections!

Best Regards,”


Source: Yee Jenn Jong

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