Residents In Sunshine Gardens Still Plagued By Faulty Pipe Issues, HDB Say ‘Nothing Wrong’

We were informed by residents of Sunshine garden in CCK of these recurring problems that is still left unsolved.

When there is a heavy rain the void deck of some blocks keep getting floods, this has happened quite a few times and it seems that nothing was done to it.

Although the flats are only a few months old, there are many units with the piping problem that gave the residents much headaches.

Sunshine Garden Problem 1 Sunshine Garden Problem 2

On one particular night many residents heard a big loud bang in the night and after which many units have a systematic looking hairline crack at the center of living room the cracks are aligned together with the bedrooms. They thought that these problems can’t be coincidental.

They had informed their town council and was referred instead to HDB and had told them that there is “nothing wrong” with this problem.

But why that PAP keep saying that this election is all about Town Council issues?


Source: People’s Power Party

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