28 Year Old Bangladeshi Jailed 8 Months For Molesting Woman On MRT

A 28-year-old man was today (Sept 17) sentenced to eight months’ jail after he pleaded guilty to molesting a woman on an MRT train.

A district court heard that Islam Md Mohidul, a Bangladeshi national working in Singapore, had boarded the train at Kranji MRT Station at around 6.45am on June 26 as part of his commute from his dormitory in Kranji to his worksite near City Hall.

Later, the victim boarded the same train compartment at Sembawang MRT Station. After she managed to get a seat to Islam’s right, the woman started reading some documents, and later fell asleep.

Islam decided to take advantage of the situation by touching her. As there were many commuters on the train, he pretended to cross his arms but then slipped his left hand under his right elbow to “surreptitiously reach over” to the victim’s left breast.

He started to rub her breast slowly to test if the woman would be awakened, and did so more forcefully after she did not show any reaction.

Islam retracted his hand when the victim woke up. After the woman told him off, he apologised and claimed he had accidentally touched her.

She also took a photo of the accused before he alighted at City Hall MRT Station. Islam was arrested on July 15.

Yesterday, Islam, who came to Singapore about three months ago to work, told the court through a translator that he was truly remorseful.


Source: www.todayonline.com

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