Ustazah Abandons Islam – Love Her, Pray For Her

For our sister in faith….

A few people have written to me about an ustazah who has abandoned her past teachings. She is now advocating a life that is free from the cages of religious beliefs, particularly of Islam.

Many of her followers are upset by this news, disappointed by the ustazah’s sudden change of heart and worried about the impact of her newfound faith upon other youths. Frankly, I am not too anxious of her influence more than I feel for that ustazah whom I still hold in high regard.

She is searching for the truth and has stumbled into the path of uncertainty. She is being frank with herself. She is crying for help inside. I have been there before. I have struggled with my ownself too and my own beliefs. Should I be angry with her? Must I be upset with her? No, not at all. What I will do is to pray for her. I will remember her when I communicate to Allah. And so should all of us.

Why? Because our great Prophet Muhammad once reminded us: “When one of you has love for his brother, he should inform him that he loves him (Shahih Bukhari).” He meant it for men and women too.

We love the ustazah. We want her to know that. We are humans like her. Humans who make mistakes, who breakdown and falter. Humans who know that even the best fall down sometimes. As people who love her much, we invite her back to return to the path of certainty and truth. The path of her own ancestors. The path of Muhammad. The path of the Quran and the Sunnah.


Source: Khairudin Aljunied

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