Religious Malays Breed Carelessly, Don’t Take Charge Of Their Lives, Perpetuate Handout Mentality

Melayu yang susah tapi anak ramai are usually from the alim tak alim type. It is also the same group that perpetuate that handout mentality.

Beranak more than they can afford (besarkan anak bukan setakat bela bagi makan minum, there are college and uni fees to consider which most Malays dont) then expect the government to tanggung all their offsprings studies.

Menyusahkan orang.

Have what you can afford and not beyond that.

Plan and think long term.

Kalau asyik pikir berapa ramai nak baca doa depan kubur kitalah mentaliti bangang yang memperabihkan khazanah negara untuk nak dibela.


Source: ML MelayuLama

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