Gilbert Goh: Global Charitable Organisations Deserve Support

Supported the emboidery work of this handicapped Palestinian refugee woman at Musawat Saida.

The Palestinians are great with their hand-sewn emboidery work and its a pity there is a lack of marketing effort to sell them abroad.

The refugee emboidery market is a great money-churning goldmine that remains very much untapped and we are trying our best to assist in this area.

Moreover, for the refugees themselves, its great to earn one’s keep than sitting at home and wait for handout. The emboidery sewing can also be done at home with minimal interruption to their household chores as most refugee women also tend to look after the children themselves.

The wealthy international charitable bodies these days are stretched to the limits with their funding resources and many local NGOs suffer from this reduction in funds.

The idea of a social enterprise model whereby NGOs self-fund themselves from selling their own hand-made products takes more eminence now.

However, its still difficult to change the mindset of NGOs here as they are used to easy access to funds contributed from the European charitable organisations.

But such days are truly numbered…and my fear is that some noble charitable organisations may need to close down soon due to a lack of funds.


Source: Gilbert Goh

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