Omar Suleiman: Donald Trump Won, America Lost

America lost.

Not because Hillary did, but because bigotry won. This country just elected an openly racist, sexist, obnoxious xenophobe to lead it. Gone are the days in which we could lecture any other nation on extremism or immorality. This leaves the nation bare for the world to see it for what it is.

Donald Trump doesn’t just represent the fringe of America, he represents a chunk of it.

Have I lost hope? No. I’m not going anywhere. I, and millions of others who envisioned a better nation, will continue to fight to redeem it. We thought we ditched our ugly past only to realize that our present is just as horrid.

Now that it’s undeniable, our response needs to be unparalleled. We’ve got work to do people. But God willing, we’ll get there. #electionnight


Source: Omar Suleiman

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