McDonald’s Malaysia: Only Halal-Certified Cakes Can Be Brought Into Our Restaurants

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29 — McDonald’s Malaysia today confirmed a policy restricting customers from bringing cakes that are not halal-certified into its restaurants.

In a statement to Malay Mail Online, the fast food chain explained that the measure was necessary to safeguard its own halal status.

Malay Mail Online had contacted the firm to verify a notice posted at one of its restaurants that said birthday cakes that are brought in must have an accompanying halal certification or logo.

“This is in line with fulfilling requirements of our halal certification,” it said.

The chain added that although it has a policy barring outside food and drinks in its premises, it made allowances for birthday cakes served at parties held at its restaurants.

But it added that these must be demonstrably halal, either through certification or logo.

“This condition is critical to preserve the integrity of our halal certification,” it added.

The fast food giant said that it would continue to “strictly uphold” all standards regarding food quality, safety and halal so that all customers can enjoy their products with “peace of mind.”

Halal certification is under the purview of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim).

The prevalence of its certification as an indicator of a food item’s suitability for consumption is such that the absence of its logo regularly raises Muslim concerns about the item.



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