Is She Out Of The Race? Singaporeans Knows She’s Indian?

I saw a post on facebook and wanted to share it because it might have a significant effect to Singapore and our malay community here.

As you know the presidential election is coming, and Halimah Yacob might probably not be a ‘Malay’. It turns out that she actually had an Indian-Muslim father and her IC would have stated ‘Indian’ had her father not pass away before the registration. So now it really depends on the new committee to declare her either ‘Malay’ or ‘Indian’.

But the lady had been a close friend to the Muslim society throughout the years, definitely a better people’s choice as compared to other potential Malay presidential candidate.

Sumbanganya terhadap rakyat Singapura memang disanjung tidak seperti ahli-ahli politik yang lain. Tak tahulah apa yang akan terjadi nanti beberapa bulan kemudian. Adakah negara kita dilanda jenis politik perkauman?

Maaf kalau tersilap, saya mahu kongsi maklumat sahaja.




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