Singaporean Malays Must Reflect On PAP’s True Intentions For The Reserved Elected Presidency

1.PAP says Singapore is a sworn Meritocracy. We are not like Malaysia with its affirmative action policy of helping the indigenous people of the land. Malays in Singapore are not like that! Malays in Singapore do not need handouts or any help. They can self-help!

2. Lee Kuan Yew determines that the national reserves of Singapore must be secured with two keys: The Parliament and an Elected President (not a lame duck President like Sheares) even when GIC for which he heads which handles the biggest Sovereign fund of Singapore is absolutely controlled by him and is not required to publish any accounts. What is the dollar worth of our wealth? Only he and God knows. So such a move is really to shore up his absolute control over the Nation’s reserves. He thinks that an elected President from his own ranks will co-operate with that.

3. Enter the Elected President who does not play ball, Mr. Ong Teng Cheong. First thing he did was to ask for a full audit of the National Wealth – He wants to know what is in the safe for which he is holding one key. The stone-walling and delay was legendary. Lee Kuan Yew does not want Ong Teng Cheong to know what is in that vault.

4. The next elected President played ball to a tee and reap a million dollar salary without any incidents in a period when GIC made all sorts of investment blunders including investing in CitiBank which later got into trouble. But Nathan cannot live forever…

5. And then there are others who dare to challenge and try out for the Presidential elections. One or two of these are mavericks that PAP cannot control. For as a Chinese elitist political party, no one can threaten the Chinese PAP but other Chinese. The Malay “leadership” have been unashamedly castrated and are little more than house-niggers to the Chinese PAP masters.

6. So something needs to be done. Enter Lee Hsien Loong the proverbial son to hatch a “brilliant” plan. Confine the Presidential elections only to Malays. If you are Chinese or Indian or anything else you are automatically disqualified. Never mind Meritocracy. Never mind Non-Communal politics. Never mind the fact that this is what Malaysia’s affirmative action looks like. But not any Mat, Dollah or Minah can qualify! Set a criteria that only well to do Malays within or those close to the establishment can ever qualify and PAP will be secured. No such Malay will pull an Ong Teng Cheong move!

7. Enter the foolish Malay who finds pride in all of these scheming political shenanigans. We are going to have a Malay president! How GREAT this is! What an achievement of the Malays of Xing Chia Poh!


Thinking Malay-Muslims should reflect properly and consider whether they should be proud of this or really be shameful of a Malay who is for all intents and purpose appointed by the PAP to be made a tool of. Maybe for the one who has sold his or her soul that million dollar salary is all worth it.

La hawla wa la quwatta illa biLlahil Aliy ul-Adzim!


Source: Abd’ Al-Halim

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