Damanhuri Abas: Scandals Show That High Salary Is Not The Answer To Eradicate Corruption

The trail of scandals spanning just the last decade along the corridors of power, sadly results from the chronic malaise of institutionalised governance when a single dominant party rule continues unabated.

We had the following scandals, CEO of NFK, TT Durai in 2005, Edwin Yeo of CPIB in 2008, Peter Lim Chief of SCDF in 2013, Lim Cheng Ho of MFA in 2014, Bernard Lim Yong Soon of NParks in 2014, CEO of NKF, Edmond Kwok 2016, and most recently, Kong Hee and Friends of City Harvest Church, 2017. Just to list a few of them.

And we also had the personal indiscretion of PAP MPs in the case of Speaker of Parliament Mr Micheal Palmer and the infamous affair involving PAP MP for Bukit Batok that happened only last year, Mr David Ong and his married grassroots woman volunteer.

Now we have the latest scandal involving none other than a former Mayor and PAP MP Zainudin Nordin further reminding the people to seriously relook at all PAP leaders. They are not as clean as their white garment looks.

The list of corruptions in their ranks and files of cronies as well as their leaders are undeniable facts and not fake news. It is crystal clear now to all Singaporeans that the logic of high pay and incorruptible public officers or leaders are hollow PAP sloganeering promising leaders of integrity and merit but delivering otherwise.

Will the PAP reform and correct themselves? Most unlikely as the signs are showing the opposite, seen from the constitutional amendments on the Elected Presidency to the most recent clipping of further Presidential powers passed in parliament.

We are even seeing more reduction of space for critical input and feedback which are necessary and healthy developments needed for reform and progress in a maturing democracy. They in fact, do the reverse to entrench their unchallenged controlling power. They still prefer to trust their own self-checking and the above samplings of scandals suffices to discredit it.

All hegemonic power feels threatened by the natural God ordained system of check and balance. Their obsession with perpetual and absolute control will become their very undoing. History recalls many past powers wanting to remain so even though their time is up. Eventually they went astray falling from grace on their own highway of luxury and greed.

Singaporeans therefore must do our part by intervening to stop this slippery decline down the slope of democratic regression happening before our very eyes. The only way to do so, is to put into parliament more oppositions to raise the vital questions that they themselves will not. The longer we delay, the tougher it becomes, as they will resort to all machavillian means within their vast controlling disposal to ensure their hegemony remains forever.

The stakes are very high. It is about our believe in the Singaporean spirit to rise up to collectively remake and better our citizen’s deal. To share what we have with each other, to not leave anyone behind and to demand from our elected leaders, service and priority to the people and not their vested crony interest. The scandals are reminders of what is wrong in our society and for us to collectively act together as one united people to affect that vital redirection for our beloved nation.

Singaporeans must realise that the only constant is change. Ours is past due. The People needs a New Deal with a very fresh and vibrant New face of real Hope, Integrity, Honesty, Courage and Humility. God-willing, together we can make it happen.


Source: Damanhuri Bin Abas

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