Another AETOS Officer Placed On Restriction Order, He Supported And Abetted Colleague’s Intent To Take Up Armed Violence In Syria

Muhammad Khairul Mohamed’s colleague, Mohamad Rizal Wahid, was put under a restriction order last month for supporting Khairul’s intentions to fight in Syria.

A person issued with a restriction order is not allowed to move, change jobs, or travel out of Singapore without the authorities’ approval.

Rizal, 36, was also an AETOS auxiliary police officer at the Woodlands Checkpoint, and was deployed as an armed officer conducting security duties.

He had been aware since 2015 that Khairul wanted to take part in armed violence in Syria after the latter repeatedly confided in him about his intentions, MHA said.

However, he not only failed to notify the authorities or AETOS management, and even suggested to Khairul various ways to get to Syria, it said.

Although Rizal did not share Khairul’s desire to participate in armed violence, as an auxiliary police officer, he should have been aware of the prevailing terrorism threat, the ministry said. His failure to dissuade Khairul and report him to his superior officer was a “serious lapse of judgement”, it added.

“The Government takes a serious view of anyone who supports, promotes, undertakes or makes preparations to undertake armed violence, regardless of how they rationalise such violence ideologically, or where the violence takes place.

“This is particularly so if the person involved is a public servant, and especially if he or she is a uniformed officer.”

Anyone who supports or abets another person’s radicalisation or intention to undertake violence also poses a security threat to Singapore and Singaporeans, MHA said.




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