Local Author Tells Lee Wei And Lee Hsien Yang What To Do To To Gain Upper Hand In OxLee Drama

What LWL and LHY should’ve done:

1. Leak a huge cache of documents to WikiLeaks. It must contain stuff relating to 38 Oxley Road but also rubbish like birth certs.

2. Anonymously inform The Guardian about the leak. Add that there is enough evidence to bring down PM Lee.

3. Let The Guardian’s investigative journalists do the work for you. If they own the story and it’s a scoop, they will chase it harder. Plus, of course, the paper has more credibility internationally than ST.

4. When the story breaks, issue a press statement that your computers have been hacked.

5. Watch quietly as your sibling tries to wriggle out of the trap.

Facebook – social media in general – is not the proper platform for expose. It might excite people for a few days, set tongues and tales wagging, but it is an ephemeral medium. Like invisible ink, it is read once and disappears.

Your strategy was all wrong from the outset.


The logical thing for LHY and LWL to do now is work with the Workers Party MPs. Feed them inside information, documents etc. Let them do the hatchet job for you in Parliament on July 3.


Source: Felix Cheong

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