Malaysian Couple Allegedly Hypnotised By Pickpocket While Shopping In KLCC

Recently, a netizen known as Muhamad Hafiz and his wife were shopping at Suria KLCC when a pickpocket stole his wife’s purse. He decided to share this incident on Facebook to caution other shoppers, simultaneously hoping to identify the culprits through the power of social media.

This is what he said.

“My wife’s purse, along with cash and important documents inside were stolen in the ZARA boutique at Suria KLCC. The CCTV clearly captured the culprit’s face and many similar cases have happened here before using the same modus operandi.”

“They were very cunning and I believe my wife and I were hypnotised by the pickpocket as we honestly did not feel anything amiss although the woman was clearly closing in on my wife.”

Hafiz also uploaded the CCTV footage, which clearly revealed the strategy of the women. It appears that the pickpocket has another accomplice who stood in front of the victims, acting as distraction.

The pickpocket who was holding a blouse as cover approached the victim and stealthily retrieved her purse. Although the pickpocket was in such close proximity to the victim, the couple didn’t seem to be alarmed at all, which led the husband to believe that they’ve been hypnotised.

Here’s the footage he uploaded.



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