Malaysians Destroy Apartment In Japan Despite The Apartment Owner Providing Free Shelter For Them

So shameful to see such ruthless behavior to repay the kindness of those who have provided shelter for you. For those who have info on any of the 3 suspects, can contact Vitti Lodge & Family Apartment. #bodohpehkambing #somalu



-This is the official post from our side, representing Road To Japan facebook group, and VITTI OSAKA.

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening. My post is also referring to my lawyer advice and being translated to English. We are looking for 3 suspects from Malaysia, or their benefactors for claim. Claim are made by our client base on the offense did towards their accommodation in Japan.

1. Damage to the premise wall (Loses estimated 130,000 Yen)
2. Damage to the premise bathroom. (Poo in the bathroom) (Loses is being count)
3. Damage to the premise Furniture (Loses being count)
4. Lying on about flight tickets problem. Miss flight case.
5. Conducting violence (bouryoku, 暴力) towards one of the staff premise (violence in Japan is called bouryoku, 暴力, will be charge under special law and consider heavy offence depending also on the victim.

We are looking for them, or their benefactor. For suspect, benefactor to the suspect, you can contact us, to settle the case. For any people who know or seen them, you can contact this people below if there have any information

Contact – Vitti Lodge & Family Apartment

The post are originally on the purpose of looking for them, to solve the problem and make claims. Explanation will be given on the post later.

Updated: Suspect have leave Kansai International Airport just now.

Updated 2: Suspect flight will be landed in KLIA 2 international airport at 12 midnight (approximately)

Updated 3: One of the suspect benefactor have contact us

Updated 4: Japan police have been notified, will come, and reported will be made

Updated 5: Japan media have been notified too


Source: Wan Iskandar

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