“My House Was On Fire…” Please Help To Donate Household Items To Fellow Singaporean, InnRascal Ahjan

Those who can help out, please PM InnRascal Ahjan. Let’s help out our fellow Singaporean, and share this post so that she can receive as much help as possible. Thank you.


My hse tbakar lst 2days.. Im badly pressure n stress.. Cos byk brg2 dlm rumah smua dh tkle pakai.. I dh dpt umh baru tp umh stil kosong.. If ada sape2 yg iklas ada brg yg maseh elok bole dipakai can bless me plz do comment here once i done washin new house i get bk to u
Furniture hal n kitchen,n brg2 electric like rice cooker hot water boiling dapur masak n periuk2 if ada pigan mangkok n cawan yg mase bguna pn bole.

My house was on fire 2 days ago.. Im badly pressure n stress..  Because a lot of the household items in the house can no longer be used. I’ve gotten a new house but it is still empty. If anyone is sincere in helping out to donate their household items, please PM me and I’ll get back to you once I’ve cleaned the new house. Items looking for: Furniture for hall and kitchen, Electrical items like rice cooker, kettle, plates, bowls, cups, basically anything also can. Thank you.


Source: InnRascal Ahjan

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