Commentary: Halimah Yacob Could Have United And Broken Up The Community At The Same Time

Still feeling disgusted over what had just happened. Will take some time to ease this off. Life goes on.

Just let me have my final thoughts here.

What could be worse, among some friends who are more than happy to welcome HY, with the reasons of being the first, Malay (in 52 years) Muslimah, President in the region, if not among the developed countries, or the world.

Nothing wrong them being happy, but hasn’t it always that only among our community / race that we seem to be happily accepting anything that’s been given / handed / spoon fed / suap.

Doesn’t matter the process, procedures, even the main glaring faults (reserved) (meritocracy) (defining Malay) with the strong word overused consolation phrase – Suratan Takdir.

Are we really that easy to please? Or simply ignorant. Or that all these doesn’t matter because fate.

Everyone is entitled to have their opinions, and no one shall shove their opinions onto others. Yet it has been debated much among friends and also among different races, telling them off as sour grapes.

HY could have united and broken up the community at the same time. While I hope to believe that she will do a good job of such magnitude of responsibility, the little part of me had wished she could have just turned down the offer right from the beginning.


Source: Chegu Thamrin

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