Blacklisted Grab/Uber Drivers – Car Rental Companies Reconsider Renting Them Your Vehicles

To All Rental companies, do reconsider renting to all these hirers; Ang Pei Ling Sharon, Siti Aminah Binte Mohamed Normaya, Mohammed Yazri Bin Ya’Akob and Ong Seow Pang. They have defaulted our rental and yet always taking us for a spin for their commitment on payment. Worst of all, they will tell you how previous rental companies have treating them unfairly. Two of them, Sharon and Siti still hold a day job yet still refuses to pay and clear our rental. Ong Seow Pang even did not update his ID address resulting us a long time to repossess back our car.

Rental companies are always vulnerable to all these kind of rental payment defaulter. Since we are already a victim, we are left with no choice but put up in social media to warn all rental companies to take note. Our aim is not to shame them but to warn other to take note of renting to these hirers. We might not be their first victims so in order not to let them continue with their lies and deceive, we ought to play our part in stopping other rental companies to become their victims.


Source: YH

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