UPDATE: Malaysia Will Not Bar The 2 Islamic Preachers From Speaking In Public Unlike Singapore, Says Home Minister

Malaysia’s Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said on Tuesday (Oct 31) that the country will not stop two Islamic preachers from speaking in public, following Singapore’s move to bar the two men from entering the Republic.

Singapore on Monday barred Zimbabwean Ismail Menk and Malaysian Haslin Baharim as their hardline teachings ran counter to Singapore’s multi-cultural and multi-religious values.

Datuk Seri Zahid, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, said the duo has so far not caused any tensions among Malaysia’s various religions or ethnic groups.

“So far, these two religious speakers have not suggested anything that goes against our understanding of cultural and religious diversity to the point of causing social, racial and religious tensions in Malaysia,” he was quoted saying by the Bernama news agency.

“Thus far, Malaysia is satisfied with what they are doing and does not intend to take similar action (as Singapore’s) as they are not wrong in our eyes,” he said.



Source: http://www.straitstimes.com

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