Thank You Inspector Fariz Bin Mohamad Noor For Your Assistance In Helping Your Neighbour To Catch A Snake

On 27 Nov 2017, a snake was spotted in my HDB unit at Bukit Batok at around 12:15PM. We contacted the police hotline and seek for assistance. The operator for the police hotline advised my brother to contact Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) instead. Upon the arrival of AVA at around 2:40PM, the snake was missing in the house despite our constant monitoring. Therefore, the personnel from ACRES advised my family to contact them again should the snake appear again. Our neighbour, Inspector Fariz Bin Mohamad Noor of Clementi Police Division came to know about the incident as my family members shared with him about the incident earlier on. He assured my family members and told us that if we find the snake again at home, feel free to contact him anytime.

For the entire day on 27 Nov 2017, we could not find the snake in the house until late morning of 28 Nov 2017. I contacted Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) immediately and the operator said the team would need about 30 minutes to arrive. Although it was identified by AVA through a WhatsApp photo that it’s a Paradise Tree Snake, I contacted Inspector Fariz for his assistance. Despite, Inspector Fariz was not being at home at the point of time, he extended his help to assist my family and I in capturing the snake before the arrival of AVA personnel. He released the snake back to its habitat after capturing it.

My family and I will like to express our deepest gratitude and compliment towards the courageous and helpful Inspector Fariz, who goes beyond his core duties as a law enforcer to provide help for people around him and has shown extraordinary compassion to living creatures. He truly demonstrated the ‘Kampong Spirit’ in assisting those that are in need of help. Singapore Police Force will always have my full respect and support.

Thank you Inspector Fariz, it’s truly honourable to have a have a selfless officer in the Singapore Police Force. Please continue to serve with pride and dignity for the people of Singapore.



Source: Wong

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