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Libya’s Ambassador To UAE: Southeast Asian Muslims Should Embrace Own Unique Cultural Traditions, Resist Arabisation And Still Be Good Muslims

Muslims in Southeast Asia should embrace their unique cultural traditions instead of adopting Arabic customs, according to Libya’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dr Aref Ali Nayed. “I think that it’s high time that Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and…
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Bilhari Kausikan: Foreign Policy Is No Laughing Matter

Politics in Singapore is becoming more complex. Basic assumptions and policies are being challenged, not just by opposition parties but also by civil-society groups and ordinary citizens. There is nothing particularly surprising about this. It is a natural consequence of democratic…
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MUIS Has ‘Grand Strategy’ To Move Society Towards Liberal Islam

If I’m not mistaken, Last Sabtu morning, I saw Ambassador Alami Musa. We were both jogging. In opposite directions. Me towards East Coast. He was probably on his way back. I don’t know whether that’s a metaphor. For the way…
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