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Muslims Must Capitalise On Economic Leverage To Condemn Israeli Oppression Against Palestine

From time to time, as a community, we tend to react when we feel There’s injustice done to certain groups of people we feel are oppressed. These may include the Rohingyans, Palestinians, Syrians etc. We do this by for E.g….
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Syed Danial: A Message To Conservatives – Smile More Please

There is method in the madness. The ‘jubah sado’ (traditional Arabian attire for the muscularly-built) posting serves as an effective (methinks) preamble to the point I wish to make. Friends, in this ‘post-truth’ era, I think there’s a certain assumption…
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WAAPD: Reject PinkDot & LGBT Agenda Through Intellectual, Policy Engagement, Not Violence

Message from waapd admins In response to the recent post on violence. WAAPD is made up of a cross section of Singaporeans from all walks of life, belief systems, ethnicity, gender and creed. We were set up to discuss the…
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