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National Muslim Youth Association (Malaysia) – Muslim Women Advised To Avoid Celebrating Valentine’s Day In Any Form

The National Muslim Youth Association (Pembina) advised Muslim women against using emoticons in text messages or wearing fragrance, ahead of Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Pembina’s guide published on its official Facebook page today said Muslim women should avoid seven things while…
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Singapore Muslim Apparel Boutique, Meem Clothings, Showcase Collection At Tokyo Modest Fashion Show

Nur Hanis, along with her husband Haikal Aziz, are the Singaporean owners of Meem Clothings, an online apparel boutique based locally. Selling mostly hijabs and scarves, they base their collections on the key principles of simplicity and modesty. And their latest…
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Kolam Renang Awam Austria Haramkan Burkini Atas Alasan Kebersihan

HAINFELD, AUSTRIA: Pakaian renang untuk wanita Muslimah atau ‘burkini’ kini diharamkan di sebuah kolam renang awam di bandar Hainfeld, Austria. ‘Burkini’ dilarang untuk memastikan kolam renang tersebut mematuhi peraturan kebersihan, kata anggota parti berhaluan kanan, Freedom Party (FP) yang juga…
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