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Damanhuri Abas: Singaporeans Must Remember This Walkover When Next GE Comes, Don’t Be Cheated By PAP Again

Singaporeans woke up today unhappy and in sadness. The country rightly felt betrayed by the ruling party for denying our right to vote. The wound is real and the scar is permanent. Any doubt that this Reserved PE was a…
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Indonesia Religious Affairs Minister: Men Become Corrupt To Appease Greedy Wives

AN Indonesian minister has blamed women for the scourge of graft in the country, saying that men become corrupt due to the greed and materialistic nature of their wives. Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said men were driven…
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Cop Charged With Accepting Bribes, Placing Bets On Illegal TOTO And 4D

A police officer was charged on Friday (Sept 25) with allegedly obtaining bribes and placing illegal bets in 2014. Staff Sergeant Woo Poh Liang, 28, faces two counts of corruptly obtaining gratification totalling $35,000 to help Beltran Angelo Salvador evade…
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