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Dr Tan Cheng Bock: I Firmly Believe The Gov Should Have Answered In Parliament Instead Of Challenging A Parliamentarian To Go To Court.

Court of Appeal verdict As you know by now, the Court of Appeal has dismissed my appeal. I am disappointed, as are all my supporters, because we had hoped to contest in this PE (through the deliberative track) after I…
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Halimah Resigns From Speaker Way Before Verdict, Now Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Appeal Dismissed

Whoever did not expect this outcome must be living under a rock. If not, why would Halimah have resigned before the verdict was announced? Common sense dictates that with resignation of Halimah from Speaker of Parliament and MP even before…
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Tan Cheng Bock’s Constitutional Challenge Dismissed By High Court

The High Court has dismissed former presidential hopeful Tan Cheng Bock’s application contesting the legitimacy of the upcoming reserved Presidential Election (PE). Justice Quentin Loh’s decision on Friday (Jul 7) in favour of the Government maintains the status quo –…
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