Halimah Resigns From Speaker Way Before Verdict, Now Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Appeal Dismissed

Whoever did not expect this outcome must be living under a rock.

If not, why would Halimah have resigned before the verdict was announced?

Common sense dictates that with resignation of Halimah from Speaker of Parliament and MP even before the appeal verdict is known, underscores the PAP’s advance preparation.

At least show some respect by not resigning from the speaker position until the appeal result was out.

It clearly shows their arrogance with regards to the upcoming reserved elections.

So happens that they wanted a Malay president, so she proclaims herself Malay. Highly likely if an Indian president was required, she will declare herself Indian.

Where is the justice? Is there no democracy?

To Dr Tan Cheng Bock, thank you for trying. You are already a hero in the hearts of fellow Singaporeans.

We respect what you did, and what you did was right. #salute



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