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#WearWhite Muslim Brothers Rise Up Against PinkDot LGBT

AN ISLAMIC religious teacher has launched an online campaign asking Muslims to wear white next Saturday evening to protest against homosexuality and defend traditional family values. Ustaz Noor Deros, 28, is behind the Wear White Facebook page and website and…
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Brave Muslimah Is An Inspiration to LGBT and PinkDot SG

Dear R1C, This is a response to an earlier Komentar post “A letter to Muslimah Sister Regarding her Support for PinkDotSG2014“ and an open address to Ms Adee Sadarli. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Dear Ms Sadarli, I only wish that I will have half the…
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A letter to Muslimah Sister Regarding her Support for PinkDotSG2014

Dear R1C, This letter is dedicated to Miss Adee Sardali, the lady clad in tudung or hijab as seen in the Pinkdot video 2014. ——– Dear sister in Islam who has a beautiful name Adee Sardali. I may not know…
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