Brave Muslimah Is An Inspiration to LGBT and PinkDot SG

Credit: PinkDot SG

Credit: PinkDot SG

Dear R1C,

This is a response to an earlier Komentar post “A letter to Muslimah Sister Regarding her Support for PinkDotSG2014 and an open address to Ms Adee Sadarli.
Dear Ms Sadarli,

I only wish that I will have half the courage as you do to speak out on a public platform for the support of the freedom to love, and standing up for equality of people. I apologize, on behalf of my Muslim brothers and sisters, that you have to face such unjustified backlash, laden with bigoted, harsh criticisms which largely rest upon their blind reliance on faith — without considering that you too, are a Muslim, with your own unique beliefs and ways.

I have to be perfectly honest here, clicking the PinkDotSG video link, I didn’t expect to see a hijab-donning Muslim (in the first 10 seconds too!) openly supporting the movement, much less the acceptance of LGBT people in Singapore. Knowing well that the loud and vocal minority of Muslims who will do whatever it takes to condemn homosexuality, I worried that you will have to put up with the furor from the conservative anti-gay groups here in Singapore. And true enough, the backlash came in swift, and I watched, disgusted that you bear the runt for a deep-seated prejudice inherent in these vocal oppositions.

You do not deserve to be berated for just merely expressing your beliefs. You do not deserve to have your name thrown around as a tool in a pursuit of progressing the agenda of the anti-gay community here.  If you are reading this, I just want to let you know that your bravery, while not unprecedented, inspire me tremendously and speaks a lot about the state of progressive Islam in this country. You and me, and thousands of other young Muslims are in your support, we are behind you. The fact that you made the choice, out of your own conscience and guided by your moral compass, is a heroic one. You are a gem, in the sea of charcoal, Ms Sadarli.

Many of the comments directed towards you, whether on the R1C site, on Facebook or even on the PinkDot promo video itself make me feel embarrassed as a Muslim. They do not understand that you are not a deviant of Islam, and that their resounding criticism itself is contrary to the peace-loving message Islam stands up for. They are not able to comprehend that other than you, a good number of progressive Muslims are increasingly showing support for things they claim to be ‘heretic’. Do not let the vocal few bring you down, and I am pretty sure that these vocal few, and through the ever prevalent Streisand Effect, have just shed more light on this event (there’s no such thing as bad press) and bring people closer together, strengthening the support for the event and the freedom to love.

You have inspired me, and in that capacity, you have inspired many others who are shy in supporting the freedom to love, to come out and support it fervently. I hope that you continue sticking to your principles and that you will not be wavered by the tough times ahead. Your name carries a weight now, and this weight will, Insya Allah, open the hearts of the narrow-minded to see that the true word of God – is to love, despite differences, and to accept, despite deviations.

Thank you for your bravery, Ms Sadarli.

Authored by Singapore Progressive Muslim


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