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Malay Boy Helps Old Chinese Stranger Buy Food From Non-Halal Stall

We sometimes have a tendency to judge strangers for their actions without appreciating the full story behind them. Take for example Twitter user Shaidlyn’s, who tweeted a video showing her boyfriend purchasing food from a non-halal stall. While they were…
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Frustrations Of A Mother-Of-4 Exploring Bazaar Geylang: Have People Got No Compassion And Manners?

I bring the pram to Geylang as my son, the youngest, is really hard to handle. He needs to be strapped in his seat. I hv 4 boys. My 3rd is like a jumping Monkey on everlasting batteries. I will…
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Malay Pakcik Tearful, Thankful To Compassionate Chinese BMW Driver Who Did Not Pursue Any Damages

Met with an accident today, rear ended by a Malay uncle driving a van at a slip-road. He came out of the vehicle extremely apologetic, kept shaking his head saying he will be responsible for the damage. As I was…
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