Malay Boy Helps Old Chinese Stranger Buy Food From Non-Halal Stall

We sometimes have a tendency to judge strangers for their actions without appreciating the full story behind them.

Take for example Twitter user Shaidlyn’s, who tweeted a video showing her boyfriend purchasing food from a non-halal stall.

While they were purchasing the food, it seems some people were judging them, chiefly because it happened to be a Chinese cai png stall.

Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter

The meal they tapao-ed consisted of a variety of ingredients, including pork.

Now, needless to say, it is wrong to judge any other person for buying food in the first place, whatever creed or religion you assume they might possess or practise.

But, as it turns out, the judgemental hawker centre patrons didn’t even have that moral high ground to stand on — the two of them were actually helping an elderly man buy the meal.

Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter

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