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Osman Sulaiman: I Would Tolerate Donald Trump’s Bigotry Then Put Up With LKY’s Hypocrisy

I dont like Trump. But voters know what they are getting. No deception. No hypocrisy. Against LKY who wooed my community by subterfuge, wears the ‘songkok’ and visited the mosques and championing meritocracy but acted against it. Cozened a whole…
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Surbana Sackings An Example Of Weak Unions In One-Party Rule

I read with sadness about the Surbana’s sacking of 54 workers. As an HR practitioner for 10 years, I’ve gone through many firing exercises. Businesses will always place its profitability above everything else. That’s nature. But what is not acceptable…
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Osman Sulaiman: Many More Pressing Issues That Concern The Malay Community Than The Elected Presidency

My community raised the issue of discrimination of Malays in RSAF. My community raised the issue of allowing school children to wear the tudung. My community raised the issue of allowing Hijabs in uniformed groups. My community raised the issue…
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