Surbana Sackings An Example Of Weak Unions In One-Party Rule

I read with sadness about the Surbana’s sacking of 54 workers. As an HR practitioner for 10 years, I’ve gone through many firing exercises.

Businesses will always place its profitability above everything else. That’s nature.

But what is not acceptable is that when it terminate employees under the guise of poor performance.

From news reports, we know that the terminated workers weren’t given the due process for the termination.

I believe this happens because our labour laws are inadequate such that a company as big as Surbana has the temerity to act in such a manner.

From this episode, I hope Singaporeans start to realise that a strong union with bite is necessary.

We need to start looking at matters that govern our lives and not allow politicians to dictate what is best for us.

To a certain extent, a weak Union is the result of a one party rule which is bad for any nation as opposed to what Mr Ong Ye Kung recently espouses.


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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