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Commentary: Reserved PE For Malays Akin To China’s The Voice For Chinese; Both Exclude Certain Communities From Contesting

For those who dont understand why it’s a bad call to reserve the presidential race for Malays, let me bring you back to a similar incident. Remember when ‘The Voice’ came to Singapore but was looking only for Chinese singers…
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Osman Sulaiman: Objective Review Of Policies Implemented By Allahyarham Othman Wok Will Benefit Malay Muslim Community

Othman Wok has passed away. In my community, many believe that we cannot talk about the dead. I disagree. Strongly. The belief that we cannot talk about a dead man past has its roots from Islamic teachings that forbid anyone…
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Tan Chuan-Jin: Government Policies To Benefit All, Regardless Of Party Voted For

The Government will continue to make policies that benefit all Singaporeans, regardless of how they voted, said Minister for Manpower and Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin, during a visit to opposition-held Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC). Reassuring residents of…
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