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Former Malaysia Minister: No Surprise People In ‘Taliban State’ Seek Maria Ozawa

PETALING JAYA: Former minister Zaid Ibrahim has mocked PAS over its efforts to suppress human urges and project an ultra-conservative front in Kelantan, saying such ‘Talibanism” has backfired on them. He was commenting on an article in The Star yesterday…
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American Sexual Predator Preyed On Young Teenage Girls In Singapore,

Harbouring a fetish for young girls, a 39-year-old man used social media platforms to lure victims, then secretly filmed them engaging in sexual acts with him to add to his stash of child pornography videos. Joshua Robinson, who successfully preyed…
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Photos Of Children Of Malaysian Celebrities Turn Up On Porn Site

Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander was shocked and upset to find photographs of his then-newborn son featured alongside lewd images of naked women on a pornographic website on Wednesday. Photos of the children of other popular Malaysian celebrities, including actress-singer Erra…
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