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Attack On London Mosque: Terrorist Would’ve Have Died From Beating If Not For Imam’s Intervention

As angry bystanders held down the alleged driver of a van that ploughed into a group of Muslims near a mosque in London just after midnight yesterday, an imam helped calm the situation. Imam Mohammed Mahmoud shouted: “Don’t touch him!…
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K Shanmugam: Terrorist Threat In Singapore’s Backyard Is Growing

With Islamic State (IS) losing ground in Iraq and Syria, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam on Tuesday (April 4) underscored the growing terrorist threat in Singapore’s backyard, and warned that an area less than a four-hour flight away…
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Terrorist Attack On Mosque – Canadian Prime Minister Courageous, Should Be Emulated By Other Leaders

Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, called the shootings on the Quebec mosque as a terrorist attack on Muslims. There have been many attacks on innocent and defenceless Muslims around the world but this is the first time that a PM of a…
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