Terrorist Attack On Mosque – Canadian Prime Minister Courageous, Should Be Emulated By Other Leaders

Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, called the shootings on the Quebec mosque as a terrorist attack on Muslims. There have been many attacks on innocent and defenceless Muslims around the world but this is the first time that a PM of a country has actually publicly condemned the acts as acts of terror.

It takes a lot of courage for a leader to do this because of the potential political backlash from the majority of their countries.

But the Canadian PM was brave. What he has done is show that Muslims also suffer from terrorist attacks.

Unlike Donald Trump who has chosen the easiest and misguided ways to combat crime and terrorism simply by isolating the US and marginalising minority and migrant communities, Justin Trudeau has taken the enlightened, inclusive route.

The rest of the world should learn this lesson from Trudeau.



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