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Ismail Kassim: A Malay Triology – Part II – Why Can’t Malays Take Islam In Their Stride?

To be a respected race, the Malays have to return to their roots. You don’t need to change your clothes or your culinary tastes but only change your minds. Discard the feudal thinking. Be modern, rational – not western, not…
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Ismail Kassim – A Malay Triology: Part 1 – Culture – Why Can’t Malays Be Malays?

Part 1: Why can’t Malays be Malays? Outspoken Marina Mahathir, finally says it: ‘’I will go into exile if hudud is implemented.’’ For years I have been telling my friends: ‘’I rather face discrimination as a minority than risk getting…
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Malay Weddings Don’t Cost $50 And Other Facts About Malay Culture By Hidayah Amin

ADA pelbagai buku tentang budaya dan warisan Melayu dalam bahasa ibunda tetapi hanya segelintir dalam bahasa Inggeris. Atas dasar itu, penulis buku, Cik Hidayah Amin, merasakan sudah tiba masanya untuk mencetak buku, Malay Weddings Don’t Cost $50 And Other Facts…
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