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Call To Preserve Unique Singapore Malay Culture

Malays in Singapore have their own special version of Malay culture, which melds with the country’s multiracial setting, and the community must put in greater effort to grow and preserve this unique culture, said Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos…
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How Malays Define Malayness? Well Truth Is Its Very Confusing And Inconsistent

So how does one define who is or isn’t Malay? Having actually researched this for my thesis for the past two years, please let me share with ya’ll SOME of what I’ve learned. How Malays define Malayness has always been…
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Seeking Forgiveness For Any Wrongdoings; A Yearly Hari Raya Practice

This is one of the yearly Hari Raya practices from our culture that I truly believe in and treasure. Recently, there were many debates about its relevance and importance. Many who do not fully understand the rationale behind the action…
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