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How To Show Appreciation To NSmen When Pioneer Generation Malays Were Discriminated In Or Excluded Altogether From National Service

The NS50 nationwide campaign has revived painful memories to many Malays of my generation. How do we take part in this campaign to show our appreciation of National Servicemen when many of us were not called up; and of the…
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Ismail Kassim: Tudung Issue Is Also A Matter Of Human Rights

Yes, why not? Tudung is not a religious issue. When those who put on are barred from certain occupations it becomes a human right issue; the right of all to equal treatment before the law and the right of employment…
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When Will Ideals In Singapore Pledge Be Reality For Malay Singaporeans?

This is not a religious issue. It is about equality before the law. The desire to be treated equally before the law is imbedded in every human soul. It is a universal yearning. Even our Constitution refers to the inalienable…
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