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WP MP Faisal Manap Brought Up Aspirations Of Muslim Women In Singapore

The Singapore Parliament was speaking about the aspirations of the Singapore Women. WP MP Faisal Manap brought up the aspirations of the Singapore Muslim women. He highlighted the importance of inclusiveness for Muslim women which would allow them to fulfill…
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The Next President, Hopefully Female, Likely Malay, Will Be Served By An All-Men Council Of Advisers

In 1991, Parliament passed a Bill to amend the Constitution of Singapore to change Singapore’s presidency to an Elected Presidency. The Elected President (EP) was given new discretionary powers to safeguard Singapore’s past reserves and to appoint key personnel in…
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Indonesia Police Chief Warns Of Growing Role Of Women In Terrorism

National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian said Friday that terrorist groups have developed a new trend of recruiting women to launch attacks in the country. “Using women to carry out acts of terror is becoming increasingly more popular with terror groups because women…
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