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One Lady Spoke Out About Being Sexually Harassed During Hajj, And Many Other Women Started Sharing

While one might think that men would tame their vile urges while performing their religious Islamic duties in the holy city of Mecca, the reality is quite disturbing. Women have recently been speaking out about their experiences with sexual harassment while carrying out tawaf around the…
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Bus Seats Mistaken For Burqas By Members Of Anti-Immigrant Group

A Norwegian anti-immigrant group has been roundly ridiculed after members apparently mistook a photograph of six empty bus seats posted on its Facebook page for a group of women wearing burqas. “Tragic”, “terrifying” and “disgusting” were among the comments posted…
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Kedai Fesyen Online Poplook Sasar Pasaran Global Bagi Luaskan Pakaian Muslimah

Poplook, kedai fesyen online yang popular di kalangan wanita di Malaysia dan Singapura, menyasarkan untuk ke peringkat global dalam usaha meluaskan lagi pasaran produk mesra muslimahnya yang bermutu dan mampu milik. Pereka fesyen utama bagi Poplook, Nik Amanina Liyana Nik…
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