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Commentary: Majority Superiority Complex Is Real, I’ve Personally Encountered Discrimination Against Malays

So, when there are Chinese SAP schools and no Malay SAP schools, we did not make any noise about being multicultural. When someone up there stated that we are not ready for a Malay PM, we did not make noise…
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Recognisably Malay, Tudung-Clad Lady Experienced ‘Casual Racism’ Likened To Controversial Reserved PE

I was at the fitness corner at Bishan Park doing my workout and minding my own business when a senior citizen remarked jokingly and loudly, “Halimah coming! Halimah coming!” I was the only ‘Malay’ there. I just gave him a…
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Angry Netizens Deleting Meituan En Masse After Delivery App Introduces Separate Boxes For Halal Food

Popular food delivery app Meituan has stirred up controversy online after announcing that it will begin offering separate logistics infrastructure for halal food, causing Chinese netizens to condemn the company for “discriminating against” non-Muslims while also worrying about the “rise…
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