Sheikh Haikel hires bodyguard after death threat


He received a death threat after criticising a contestant on the third season of Malaysian reality TV comedy search Maharaja Lawak Mega (MLM), on which he was a judge.

This prompted local actor-rapper Sheikh Haikel to engage a bodyguard from Johor Baru last month, reportedly after the 11th week of the competition for whenever he had to travel to the Hall MLM Vision in Jitra, Kedah, for filming.

The show, which was aired on Malaysian cable TV channel Astro Warna, ended its run a fortnight ago.

“My wife and I have received a death threat (via social media) from a fanatic fan of one of the contestants of MLM. “And that’s not all. This particular fan has also threatened to run my kids down if we come to Malaysia. I was shocked,” the 38-year-old told Malaysian daily publication Utusan Malaysia late last month.

He added: “In Singapore, I have a few personal bodyguards. I do this to ensure that my family is safe.


Source: TNP

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