Singapore Murtad Association Pokes Fun at NUS Prof Syed Khairudin Aljunied on LGBTQ Issue


A friend of mine from NUS alerted me on the post below which was written by a FASS Associate Professor who teaches Malay Studies at her school.

Please bear in mind that this is an influential person who is supposed to educate students without foisting his religious beliefs on them. However, he has evidently transgressed his boundaries.

So here is my reply to Mr. Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied:

Dear Prof, are you aware that lesbianism has existed way before Islam? A religion which only began existing in the 610 AD? In the Code of Hammurabi, written circa 1750 BC, it was mentioned that women who were allowed to marry other women were called the “salzikrum” (“daughter-men”). If you think that this is an isolated case, let me further support it by mentioning that homosexuality has been observed in 1500 species, ranging from large marine animals to insects. It is clear from nature that there is more to sexual behaviour than one that is solely geared towards reproduction.

However, even if you are still convinced that homosexuality, especially lesbianism, is a choice, how does this relate to it being morally-incorrect? In what way does someone’s sexual preferences harms or infringes upon others’ rights? If I were to prefer asam pedas to curry and eat my food in solitude, while you on the other hand, prefer the latter and forces me to only eat curry because that is what the majority prefer, wouldn’t your action be considered as a form of bullying?

Yes, you will then proceed to rebuff my points by quoting anti-homosexuality verses from the Quran, but so what? I, as an ex-Muslim, question the book’s credibility since it is rife with incoherent chronological order for historical events (Quran states Virgin Mary as Aaron and Moses’s sister, when in actuality, both of them were born 1500 years apart), scientific inaccuracies (Earth is flat and Sun and Moon orbits around it) and mathematical errors (the calculation for the inheritance law did not amount to a whole number, it resulted in an improper fraction instead).

Are you sure you want to openly claim that lesbianism is a “wrongful ideology and practice” when your religion, Islam, is in fact, made up of layers upon layers of lies? But then again, in Islam, taqiyyah is totally “halal” and permissible in order to beguile the ignorant from the flaws of Islam. Not only that, your religion, Islam, preaches hate and intolerance in the name of Jihad.

SingaporemurtadreplySyedkhairuddin SyedKhairuddinAljunied_LGBT
In Surah 2: The Cow
1. Kill disbelievers wherever you find them. If they attack you, then kill them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. 191
2. War is ordained by Allah. 216

Can you now see the difference, Prof? Being in a fulfilling relationship with a woman is not harming others but actively persecuting others who don’t agree with your beliefs, is.

As evident from its violence-inducing scripture, Islam has no place in a multi-religious and secular country such as Singapore. But of course, not many non-Muslims or even Muslims, for that matter, know about their own religion, which is why I find it appalling that even when Muslims themselves are mired in ignorance of the true Islam, they have no qualms dictating others on how they should live. And how they should love.

Wake up. This is 21st century Singapore, if you prefer to bound your life rigidly to the teachings of the Quran, please time-travel back to 7th Century Saudi Arabia. I’m sure with your parochial mindset and stalwart need to assert what you believe as “morally-correct”, you will definitely “gel well” with the barbaric and tribal Arab men of that epoch.

Let’s face it: Lesbianism isn’t cancerous, your religion is.


Source: Singapore Murtad Association, Syed Khairudin Aljunied

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