Other Malay Stereotype Stories Surfaces After Viral Google & Canteen Helper Story

After Singaporean woman, Atikah Amalina, who goes by the handle @thetudungtraveller, shared with the public of her experience with microaggression due to being Malay and wearing a tudung, a similar experience was shared by another lady named Ezura Al-Barakbah.

Like Atikah whom a driver assumed worked in the canteen in Google, Ezura was stereotyped as a “kakak canteen who is uneducated and knows nothing but cooking.” Some even questioned how she got invited to Pesta Perdana and whether she religiously queued up at Mediacorp in order to get her hands on the tickets.

This was her post in full,

I know how it feels.

They stereotype me as kakak canteen who is uneducated and knows nothing but cooking.
So when they saw Medic Kid on TV then somemore got the cheek to say, ooh i thought you are a fulltime kitchen help.😢

And asked me how come you got invited to Pesta Perdana ah?
Is it you go Mediacorp queue up for the tickets ah😅

I dont care about what others may think about me.
All i know is i want to help the school and cook for the kids.
It takes a huge village to raise a kid ok!!!

I dont care if you look down on me pushing my trolley cart, wearing instant tudung and makeup less.

Coz at the end of the day I loove cooking for the kids and arranged my busy schedule just to make time to cook for them

Hey even though if I am just a kakak canteen in your eyes,
A canteen cook is more knowledgable than you ok!!
Must know costing, accounts, marketing be it for groceries or marketing on social media

The stereotypes of a Malay lady wearing a hijab.. what else have you encountered?

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