Homosexual Lobby, Bullying Tactics Gone Too Far


Yesterday was an interesting day.

For sometime, we hear the homosexual lobby play the victim card. They claim they just want to be heard. That their sexual proclivities should be recognised. That their immorality should not be questioned.

They demanded for their choices to be accepted and normalised. When anyone questions their claims, the questioner is seen as being intolerant. Their lifestyle and choices are seen as given. The victim card is played repeatedly.

But today, we see how vicious the homosexual lobby really is. How intolerant they really are. How vindictive their tactics.

When Assoc Prof Khairudin Aljunied wrote his Facebook post on the need to cleanse society of homosexual behaviour, homosexual advocates launched a campaign against him. “Benjamin Seet, a graduate student in Political Science; Melissa Tsang, a former Law student who is reapplying for admission into Arts; and Khairulanwar Zaini a final-year undergraduate in Political Science and Philosophy” are organising a petition to be submitted to the Provost of NUS against Khairudin.
benjamin Seet melissa tsang khairulanwar
For these homosexual advocates, their behaviour is beyond reproach.

Anyone who dares to question their immorality is targeted.

Anyone who seek to return society to family values would be attacked.

Anyone who raise any objection to their attempt to make homosexuality normal is abused.

We need to be clear that the homosexual lobby is not about creating safe spaces. They are not interested in engagement. They have no interest in debates. They do not care about morality or positive conduct.

All they want is for their behaviour to be recognised. And anyone who speak against it is an enemy that need to be removed.

Lets not kid ourselves. They are not a tolerant group.

The question for us is a simple one. What do we do about these intolerant, militant and self interested homosexual lobby?

Do we keep quiet and cower while they attack anyone who dare to speak?

Or do we finally say that this enough?

How we respond define not only how our society will be.
It also defines who we are. Are we social cowards who realise the homosexual lobby is taking advantage of our silence and continue to keep our mouths shut?

Or do we finally respond and take back the ground and stop these bullying tactics they employ?

Are we going to do what is right?

Are we finally going to say that the homosexual lobby has gone too far?

Are we finally going to say this is enough?

Source: Zulfikar Shariff

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